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Catering For All Occasions

By Co-Author: Nancy Duke

A great many people suppose that catering is restricted to merely the more costly kinds of events. They reserve calling in a catering service for those times when they may be holding a very significant event such as a dinner party, an engagement party or wedding, or a more formal occasion. The reality is that catering in South New Jersey can be effective even for smaller events such as a family dinner or get together. The fact is that catering costs have dropped significantly from what they used to be.

Catering for your company can take all of the work away from you and put it in the hands of someone who is well versed in what it takes to time the meals, to serve it effectively, and give you the time that you want to spend with family and friends. This is the perfect reason to leave any preparation that you want done in the capable hands of a New Jersey catering company who has the experience that you can depend on to give you the perfect family meal or family reunion.

The days when catering was only for a wedding or a large party have passed. While the right caterer can make those events happen as well, they can also assist you in making sure that your smaller get-together goes off without a hitch. The costs may be a small amount more than what you might have paid for the food and the meal, but realistically, the event will go off far more smoothly and you don't have the entire meal preparation, the serving, the entertainment and so much more to take care of. You can concentrate your energies on taking care of your guests and having a good time when you rely on a New Jersey catering service to handle your smaller dinner party or other event.

The kind of parties that a catering service will handle for you have changed vastly. The costs for those services are typically far less than you might expect, and the service and food will be exemplary. Why not relax when it comes time for your next smaller party and place it all in the hands of the experts. South Jersey catering companies will give you a great meal, outstanding service, and more time to spend with your family or guests. You get more fun and less effort, and that's assuredly worth a phone call.

Duke Catering was started in 2000, by Nancy and Bernard Duke, both of whom are very experienced and well educated food service and catering professionals. They have quickly become one of the largest and fastest growing diversified caterers in the Southern New Jersey area. Duke Catering provides South Jersey catering to over 1800 school children per day and also provides event catering for businesses and individuals.

Bernard and Nancy Duke are proud members of the School Nutrition Program and attend seminars regularly. They are focused on promoting "wellness" among the many children who enjoy their lunches daily. They plan their menus carefully focusing on adding tastier, lighter, and more nutritious meals to their healthy lunch offerings. For more information on the services offered by Duke Catering visit

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