School Lunches

School Lunch Program

September 2017


 Dear Parent, Guardian or Caregiver,

Welcome back to school.  We wish you and your family a successful 2017-2018 school year and thank you for your continued patronage.  We have added a number of new lunch items for your child’s enjoyment and are continuing to focus on offering more fat free, lower sodium and lower cholesterol items, as well as offering more fruits, vegetables and salads on the menu.

Lunch ordering is done on the on-line ordering system that was developed exclusively for Duke Catering.   The system is very easy to use, easy to order and easy to pay for items ordered.   You can view your child’s orders at any time by logging into your account.  The cost of the standard lunches $3.50, a large portion (main item only) is $4.50, and drinks are $.50.  An e-mail will be sent to you every Sunday, reminding you of the items you ordered for the coming week.


How to use the system:               You Must Re-Register for the New School Year


1. Simply go to the school website or

2.      Click on the Lunch Program

3.      Click on and complete all the fields on the registration form (you must re-register for the new school year).

4.      Next enter your child/children and add the information

5.      Click on the order button, which will bring up the months menu.   Using the mouse go through each menu day and order by checking the box of the items you want for your child.   The program automatically totals the amounts due.


Double check your order and then hit order!   You will then go to the remittance page where you can pay by credit card – then you are done! 


Or, you may print out the remittance statement and send it with a check, or cash to the school in an envelope marked Duke Catering with your child’s name and grade.


These paper orders must be sent to the school by the Thursday of the week preceding the week, for which you are ordering, to allow sufficient time for them to be entered into the system and processed.    We understand everyone’s busy schedule, we will accept daily orders but we encourage you to pre-order the lunches, so we will have your child’s lunch choice available for him/her


Should you not have a computer and/or are having computer/printer problems you may simply pick up a menu order form from the school, complete it and pay by check or cash and return it to the school


You may order by the month, by the week or for individual days.


Snacks can be purchased daily by cash only.


We spend a considerable amount of time in planning our menus, to ensure that with the help of our nutritionist, to ensure that the children will enjoy tasty, healthy and satisfying lunches.   We will present a variety of foods, taste and textures and we hope that the children will look forward to and really enjoy the lunches we provide.


Please inform us if your child has any food allergies.


Our menu is designed to be lower in fat, cholesterol and lower in salt and none of the food served will be deep-fried.   We will also plan menus based on the seasons, with the input of our nutritionist, offering the children menu items that are lighter in the warmer months and heavier in the colder months.   We are continuing to implement the “Wellness” program using lower fat,  lower sodium and lower cholesterol items and more fruits and vegetables in the daily lunches.


We also welcome any menu suggestions you may have for school lunches.   We are members of the School Nutrition Associations and are implementing a number of their “cutting edge” nutritional ideas.    We really appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your children.   If you have any questions, you can reach us at 856-986-4512 or e-mail us at or visit our website with any suggestions.



Thank you for your continue patronage, and we wish you and your children a successful school year.

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